#LiveYourWild: Addo Elephant Park

by - 7:10 PM

The Addo Elephant National Park is an underrated gem in the Eastern Cape. It's got so much to offer, and I'm convinced that it's often overlooked because of the Kruger National Park, or even the Garden Route National Park.

Last week, was the anuual SANParks Week, where South Africans get free entry into certain National Parks (Entry on a normal day is R77/adult & R39/child for the day). Addo is less than an hour away from Port Elizabeth so we decided to hit the road.


We entered from the Matyholwem Gate, just outside Colchester, signed in and grabbed a map and hit the trails. Our first stop was a lookout point, where we saw... bush. Lots of bush. We climbed back into the car and headed to find our first animal... Zebra!

After an adventurous drive, with a snack in the car, where we spotted zebra, elephants and warthogs, we stopped at Jack's Picnic Site for a quick lunch before continuing on our way. We ended up at a watering hole, before we went to the Main Camp, drank some iced coffees & milkshakes before braving the drive home.

If you're looking for something different to do with friends or family, I definitely recommend taking a trip to Addo. There is accommodation in the reserve if you're wanting to make a weekend or a week of the trip.

I love Addo - it's the perfect town for a quick getaway and has a fair amount to do for couples, friends and families alike.

xo, Becca

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