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There are very few things I look forward to more than a day off.

Between studying and working, I only had Saturdays to myself, which I usually spent with friends or family. Last month, I realised that I could make plans during the week in the evenings - if I didn't stay out too late. This gave me the chance to make Saturdays my "Treat Yourself" days. Saturdays became my self-care days, where I recharged for the week ahead.

Self-care looks different for everybody, and while I love fancy at-home spa days with face masks and nail painting, sometimes it's just a longer shower, leaving the house to go for a walk, or catching up on my laundry. Whatever it is, it's something that's guaranteed to leave me feeling good and productive.

With all this in mind, here are some of my favourite ways to treat myself - I hope it inspires you!

Little Ways to Treat Yourself

Read a book

Since one of my 2019 resolutions was to read more often, I keep books on my phone to read when I'm waiting and have some free time to kill. It's very rare that I hold a physical book in my hands, so when I have a few free hours, snuggling up with a book and some hot chocolate feels like a real treat!

Turn off my notifications

Apple's 'Do Not Disturb' feature is a GEM! So is Airplane Mode. They both give me the chance to switch off from the world around me, and when a lot of your work revolves around social media, it's the best feeling. Switching off gives my brain a rest and seems to make me feel less anxious.

Head to the gym

I struggle to exercise. There, I said it. I can never find the motivation to wake up earlier or go after university or work because I'm usually tired. But getting out of my head and into my body is a massive stress reliever and ends up being so rewarding. I usually make the effort to go to the gym on a Saturday morning.

Catch up with friends

A couple of my friends also live busy lifestyles, so I make it a point to spend an hour or two with one on a Saturday to catch up on life and check in about what's new. I always feel better for it.

Visit the beach

There's something calming about the repetition of the waves and flow of the ocean. Since we're in the dead of the South African winter, I take a dog along and go for a walk along the beach. Fresh air and the ocean breeze - few things make me happier.

What are your favourite ways to treat yourself?

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