how to slay the rest of 2019

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We're coming up for the last half of 2019, and it's time for a mid-year check in. No matter where you're at, or how your 2019 has been so far, we're going to finish strong.

01 / check-in

I believe being honest with yourself is so, so important + vital for growth. We need to analyse how the last few months have been, and use this information to create a strategy for the next half of the year. Grab a journal, or your phone's notes app, and answer these questions honestly:

1 // How has 2019 been so far?
This is a pretty loaded question, so let's break it down into a few smaller ones:

  • What went well? What didn't go well?
  • What big lessons have you learned over the past 6 months

2 // How do you feel right now? 
Is there anything bothering you? Write it down.

3 // How can you finish the year strong?
Consider your answers to questions 1 & 2, then answer this: where do you want to go from here? Write a list of 5 -10 things to focus on, and then prioritise the top 3. As long as you focus on these three things and make improvements in these areas, you've #CrushedIt.

My list looks something like:

  • Finance
  • University
  • Mental health
  • Faith
  • Relationships
  • Self-care
  • Personal development
  • Creative projects
  • Exercise + physical health

02 / strategise

Next up, we're making a plan. For each area above, set a major goal then break them down into "action steps" (Can someone say SMART goals?!). Find your WHY for the goal, too - without a 'why' you're probably going to abandon your goal somewhere between week 2 and week 3.

Grab a notebook, your calendar, pens, pencils, highlighters, crayons... whatever you need to create a realistic plan + schedule - create routines, or alter your routines to help reach your goals, but start small. To change everything at once will be really overwhelming, and may cause you to lose motivation.

03 / just do it

Start now. From your top 3 priority areas, determine 3 things you can do right now to get going... then actually do them. The timing might not feel right, but procrastination is a liar and will leave you feeling worse off.

What are you looking forward to in the last 6 months of this year? Let me know in the comments!

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