HELLO WINTER: how I get ready for winter

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Wow, it’s pretty freaking cold in South Africa at the moment. Walking around campus in freezing cold weather really is not one of my favourite things to do. I never feel like I’m prepared for winter.

Follow my tips on how I prepare my skin, closet and room for the winter chill!


1 // moisturise everything

My skin gets very dry in the winter time. My skin starts peeling and is rough to touch. If you’re like me, make sure you’re moisturising frequently and using lotion every night. I use The Body Shop’s Body Butter for my body, and The Body Shop’s face moisturiser and I love it.

2// kissable lips

Anyone else’s lips dry out easily? I found that walking to class in the cold w r e c k s my lips. I make sure to keep various lip balms everywhere - in my car, in my bag and on my nightstand

3 // shiny, conditioned hair

Dry skin and dry scalp are both pretty common in the wintertime. I find that if I switch shampoos to something with tea tree oil in it or for dry scalp, my hair feels amazing! On self-care nights, I love using a hair mask for extra moisture.


1 // layers

My first class usually starts around 07h45, aka when it’s still freezing outdoors. I usually start off with a nice long-sleeved shirt or even a t-shirt (South African weather is so temperamental), a cardigan or sweater and a jacket to top it off. I prefer to wear jeans and thick leggings in the winter season.

2 // get a coat

A good coat is so important in university, especially if you spend a lot of time walking between buildings and being outside a lot. I bought a really great coat at an end of season sale a few years ago and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

3 // twinkle toes

Cold feet are the absolute worst! The best way to make sure your feet don’t freeze is to make sure you put on thick socks and a good pair of shoes. I love ankle boots in the winter. These Mr Price ones are my favourite

4 // get even cosier!

I love winter accessories! Scarves, beanies, hats and gloves are the bomb diggity. They’re cute and practical!


1 // blankets, blankets, blankets.

Throw blankets are essential - whenever I’m feeling chilly, I’ll grab one from the end of my bed and wrap it around myself while I study, or cover my toes in bed with it. My favourites almost always come from Mr Price Home.

2 // a comfy rug

One thing I really want, but haven’t managed to get my hands on yet is a super cosy rug. I’m loving this one from Superbalist.

3 // let the sunlight in!

Although it is cold outside, if the sun is out, use it to your advantage! Open up your curtains and let the light in. Through your window, the light should gather some heat and warm up your room.

How do you get ready for winter? Let me know in the comments below.

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