45 ways to finally get your life in order

5:12 PM

Life is tough. You know it, and I know it. In university & high school we often feel like our lives are out of order and chaotic, and this adds to our stress levels. But no matter we're going through, we owe it to ourselves to take responsibility & get our lives together. For me, I know I need to declutter what I own & simplify my life, especially as I get closer to graduation and (hopefully) moving out of my parents' house.

With all that in mind, here's a list of the 50 steps I'm taking over the next few months to declutter and become a little more minimalist.


  1. Clean up your computer files to make it faster.
  2. Clear your computer's desktop.
  3. Clear out your email inbox.
  4. Delete and remove old apps on your phone.
  5. Dump out the junk drawer and organise.
  6. Unfriend and unfollow people you are no longer friends with/who no longer interest you.
  7. Create a home office space.
  8. Create a filing system for your home office.
  9. Remove 5 items from your wardrobe to donate.
  10. Remove 5 items from your jewelry collection to donate.
  11. Pick out 3 pairs of shoes to donate.
  12. Remove 5 items from your beauty collection to throwaway/donate.
  13. Make an oral hygienist appointment.
  14. Make an optometrist appointment.
  15. Update your calendar with birthdays, goals and appointments
  16. Organise and clean up your wallet.
  17. Organise and clean up your bags.
  18. Clean all the mirrors in your house.
  19. Clear out your medicine cabinet, especially get rid of expired medication.
  20. Create a personal development reading list.
  21. Write down 3 things you want to achieve before the end of the year.
  22. Wash your car.
  23. Vacuum your car.
  24. Create a bucket list.
  25. Go for a walk outside.
  26. Call a friend or family member.
  27. Buy and take care of a plant.
  28. Print photos and start a scrapbook.
  29. Gather all your change and start a change jar.
  30. Create a 5 year plan.
  31. Give yourself a manicure, or pay for one!
  32. Same with a pedicure.
  33. Read a chapter of your favourite book.
  34. Invest in new bedding.
  35. Spend 5 minutes a day exercising.
  36. Buy a reasonable cookbook.
  37. Watch a documentary.
  38. Listen to a TED Talk.
  39. Find a career mentor.
  40. Unsubscribe from at least 5 email lists.
  41. Get a physical planner.
  42. Create a morning routine to inspire productivity.
  43. Create an evening routine for better sleep.
  44. Invest in a gratitude journal.
  45. Take the Enneagram test.
  46. Replace your toothbrush.
Some of these things are big, once-off tasks, and others are small tasks that you can do daily or at least once a week. But, make it a goal to do a few or just one of these items each day to find your work-life balance. You'll quickly get organised and start to feel a little better about getting your life together, and getting things done.

What do you do when you feel life getting out of hand?


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