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I decided to continue to live at home during my studies, but you may have moved to your university city just to study and now live in an off-campus apartment.

I live about 20 minutes away from campus - by car. It takes a bit of planning, but I make it work! Here’s my survival guide for making commuting easy!


If you have gaps between classes come prepared to carry on with work from other classes, join the campus gym or find a spot to unwind and catch up with friends


Packing lunch with help you save money and avoid you eating out, which I definitely do between classes. I pack snacks (#SnackQueen) as well as an actual lunch, like a sandwich and some fruit/nuts, to enjoy between morning and afternoon classes.

If you don’t have one, buy a small lunchbox to fit into your backpack for snacking between classes. In hot weather, you may even want to keep a cooler in your car to keep your food cold. I would also suggest keeping a few water bottles and non-perishable snacks in your car.


You probably think you won’t need them, but keep an extra pair of clothes in your car. You could get caught in the rain, or even split your pants, but you should definitely have a backup option.

I would also say keep some travel-sized toiletries & a makeup bag in your car. If you end up staying late on campus and sleeping over at a friend’s res, you’re prepared!


When you don’t live on campus, you really need to be prepared for anything. If you can, keep a small first aid kit in your car. If you’re anything like me and need an afternoon nap to survive life, keep a throw pillow and blanket in your car. I live for backseat naps.

Do you live off-campus? How do you make life easier? Please leave any tips in the comments!

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