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I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. I love the fact that it's a season filled with new opportunities and moments, and hate the fact that my allergies flare up and I spend 90% of it looking like a swollen grape.

Spring is when my motivation to clean ALL THE THINGS comes around. From my bedroom to my car, everything is smelling fresh and clean... except my digital life. My phone screen is cluttered and my laptop desktop is filled with files that I haven't found a place for yet. This week, it ends. If you're keen to clear the (digital) clutter, keep reading!


This is a big one for me. At the beginning of the week, I went on a bit of an "unfollow" spree on Twitter, unfollowing accounts that were no longer active and that no longer interested me. Sometimes, you grow out of people and brands, and that's okay. It's nothing personal, and if your feed doesn't bring you happiness, it's definitely time to do some unfollowing.

We consume a ton of content daily, so clearing out your Facebook news feed can help reduce the clutter too. Un-like those "meme" pages, unfriend acquaintances from high school... you'll feel less anxious about keeping up with everyone else.


Inbox zero seems like an impossible feat for me. I subscribed to certain bloggers' mailing lists, because - at the time - they were sharing about content that interested me. Now, my interests have changed, so I ignore (or delete) the emails instead of reading them, but in recent weeks, I've realised that actually making the effort to unsubscribe is a much better long-term solution.


You know those random apps that wanted access to your Google/Facebook/Twitter? You'd be surprised at how many third-party applications have authorisation to access your social media accounts that you either don't use anymore, or have forgotten about. To revoke access (and secure your account a little bit more), visit the apps section of the relevant social account, and remove access or delete anything that you don't use or recognise.

How do you carry out a digital declutter? Let me know in the comments below!


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