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Hello lovelies! 


I'm super excited to share my roadtrip essentials with you. It's Spring in South Africa which means adventure time for me! If you have anything to add to the list, let me know in the comments below.

The music you choose can really make or break the vibe. It's scary, but true. I love listening to indie artists I've discovered on Soundcloud. Beyond those, local musos like Shortstraw, Matthew Mole & Charlie Finch are favourites, as well as [international artists] The Lumineers,  Roo Panes & gnash.

Outside of those, I love music that has a good memory attached to it - so songs from my childhood & high school years often make the list! {I'll share a full post on my 'long drives' playlist soon!}

Snacks are almost as important as music. My stomach often feels like a bottomless pit, so I love stocking up on snacks before travelling. Dried banana chips are my absolute favourite, as well as cashew nuts, celery sticks & chocolate.

pro tip - travel with a reuseable water bottle. when you get to stops, you can just refill without spending money on a bottle of water or throwing away plastic bottles

comfy clothing
I hate travelling in jeans. I feel so restricted and uncomfortable, and what worse way to start an adventure than in clothing that makes you feel grumpy? My go to outfit is almost always leggings, a soft shirt, fluffy socks and a hoodie.

I love documenting the goings on in my life - so if you have one, bring your journal or get a notebook for "adventures/memories". It'll be amazing to look back in years to come at your experiences!

odds & ends
Beyond the above, I really recommend bringing:
  • Sunglasses, to protect your eyes from UV rays
  • Hand sanitizer: because dirt.
  • Toilet paper: for spills, runny noses and general clean up
  • Cooler box: large or small - if you're planning on stopping off at a few restaurants, it'll be nice to still have your food in an edible state.
What are your roadtrip essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 
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