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Nestled amongst trees and wooden cabins which are home to a wide variety of local shops and a restaurant, lies Pause Coffee Roastery, a cosy coffee shop with some of the friendliest staff I've ever encountered.

Speaking to Wessel Kruger, the founder and Roast Master at Pause, his passion for a good coffee experience is evident. Wessel is an artisan roaster - his focus lies with the quality of the coffee: the sweetness, acidity, character and mouthfeel, in each batch of coffee roasted.

I was lucky enough to hear the details of where, and how, Pause started, as well as see the process behind creating the perfect cup.

I discovered, from conversation with Wessel, that in 2009 he and a friend overseas roasted coffee beans in a popcorn machine and he brought this technique back home with him. From there, his passion for good coffee only grew, and he opened Pause on the 6th of April, 2017.

Pause has 3 signature blends: Ben's Blend, Yadah's Delight & Hazel's Harmony

Ben's Blend is named after the Roast Master's son, and is a strong and full bodied blend with naturally occurring caramel and chocolate notes.

Yadah's Delight, my personal favourite, is named after the Roast Master's daughter and has citrus, chocolate and floral notes in a medium bodied blend.

Hazel's Harmony has hazelnut, stone fruit and smooth milk chocolate nuances. It's named after Ben & Yadah's same-aged cousin.

If you're ever travelling along the Garden Route, be sure to visit Pause Coffee Roastery. The calm atmosphere, wooden cabins and village feel makes for a great spot to stretch your legs and get some fresh air before journeying to your next location.

Pause is located along the Garden Route, in Timberlake Village between Sedgefield and Wilderness. You can visit their website here:

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