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Hey lovelies!

Sometimes, I reach the point where I want to give up things I love because I just can't deal. Ever felt the same? Here's how I give up on giving up.

I get upset.

Sounds weird right? But acknowledging your feelings and expressing them in a healthy way are so much more beneficial than suppressing them. I do this by going into my room, putting on my I just can't anymore playlist and listen to songs that I know will make me cry and I feel. It helps to write what's bothering you down - whether it's in a journal, on a blank sheet of paper or on your phone notepad. When I'm all cried out, or too tired to carry on, I sleep.

I start the next day off better.

I wake up, make myself a cup of coffee (tea would probably be better for you, but oh well), and sit somewhere quiet - usually my kitchen table, sometimes outside on the grass with my dogs. (Dogs are the best tbh) - leave my phone out of reach and just reflect. I like to look at the sky, and remind myself that there's an entire world out there that I have yet to conquer, I have goals and dreams and nothing can stop me. When I've finished, I have breakfast, make a to-do list and get ready to conquer the day.

I clean the bad vibes off.

This definitely sounds weird... But I have a shower (because I'm usually pressed for time, I'd much rather have a long soak in a bubble bath), wash my hair and usually pray about what's bugging me and "wash it away". I make an effort to feel my best - I deep condition my hair, I shave my legs, I use my "special" body wash and just spoil myself. If you want to, listen to music. Create an uplifting playlist that motivates you and cheers you up. I don't listen to music, because it's my prayer time, and I don't like distractions. 

I look my best.

We all have differing opinions on what 'looking good' looks like, for me it's actually putting some effort into the way I look: I'll wear something cute, put on some makeup, do my hair. If i have enough time I'll even paint my nails. 

I make a decision.

Depending on how horrific I feel, and how low I'm feeling, I decide whether or not I'm going to take a full 'me day' and just focus on myself. If I'm feeling a little better about going out into the world, I'll grab my today list and conquer that day. You know you better. If you're feeling really bleak, I definitely recommend talking to someone - whether it's a friend or a professional. Talking about your feelings is so beneficial.

On my 'me day': I focus on myself. Take this time for remind yourself that there are so many hours in a day to get what you need done. Create an action plan - take 30 minutes to write out what you need to get done and how you can get it done. 

Sometimes you just need a new plan to allow you to put yourself back on track. 
Sometimes you need to change your mindset - to stop looking at deadlines as prison sentences, but rather as the end of a task that helps you reach your goals faster.

In closing, take time to care for yourself. You come first, your mental health is more important than a good grade, or putting enough pressure on yourself that you have a complete breakdown. Your mental health affects your physical health.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I really like this post, especially the "I make a decision" part! Hurt and offenses, however inevitable, are TAKEN - so I always have to remind myself to make that decision to let it go :) Hope to see you at the #ECMeetUp!