my summer bucket list

by - 1:30 PM

In celebration of a new season, and the end of a chapter of my life (high school is over, Dobby is a free elf!) and the start of a new one (I turn 18 during the summer, making me a legal adult in South Africa as this is the age of majority), I have a couple of things I would like to check off my bucket list.

1. Dedicate a day to the beach - sun, sand and surf. What could be better?
2. Have a "netflix and chill" day with my friends.
3. Get a job! (To be honest, I'd love to intern for a PR company, but waitressing will just have to do :()
4. Redo my room - I have a super chilled boho theme in my mind. I'm super keen to do that and change up my room as it is right now.
5. Unplug for a few days. It's super nice to relax and not have the constant buzz of the outside world and worry about missing out on an important post. Sometimes it's great to be able to just kickback with friends and focus on each other.
6. Have a tumblr style breakfast date with my best friends (or my boyfriend... guess we have a lot to catch up on readers 😏)
7. Focus on getting healthier, and maybe start a proper gym routine. I'm still debating this #imalazyperson
8. Film as much as possible. I've been really neglecting my YouTube channel as of late, and I really want to get back into it.

I'm honestly feeling super upbeat about Summer this year. It'll give me the perfect amount of time off between high school and university, and hopefully be super relaxing and refreshing.

Here's to Summer 2017!

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